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Regency outdoor gas fireplaces are perfect for any yard – whether you are looking to build a tranquil retreat or a lively background to entertain in. Extend the comfort of your home outdoors and enjoy your patio earlier and later in season. An outdoor fireplace is more than just a place to gather on your patio, it’s late nights filled with laughs, warmth, comfort, and good company.

Outdoor Gas Burners & Firetables

The versatility of Regency’s modern outdoor fireplaces, outdoor firetables, and outdoor burners creates an endless number of possibilities for your own personal backyard oasis.With available framing kits, no need for additional venting, and choice of multiple firebed options – Regency’s line of outdoor fire products are easy to install and can be customized to suit your design preferences. Designed to amaze, built to last, the Regency outdoor fireplace collection is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

Regency® Plateau® PTO30CFT Outdoor Gas Firetable

Regency’s versatile firetables are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Featuring a 30″ Linear Burner able to hold up to an 11lb propane tank (also available in natural gas). Pick from two available tabletop finishes.

Regency® Horizon® HZO42 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Small outdoor fireplace with the option of a framing kit. This unit can have either a clean edge finish or be ordered with a stainless steel surround.

Regency® Horizon® HZO60 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Regency’s 60 inch large outdoor fireplace extends your living space and adds to the enjoyment of your patio. Choose from single sided or see-through installation & clean edge installation or use a surround.

Regency® Plateau® PTO30 Outdoor Gas Burner

The Regency Plateau Outdoor Burner is as limitless as it is beautiful, with many design possibilities. This 30″ Linear burner can be installed end to end & matched with our other burners to create various lengths: 30″, 60″, or 80″

Regency® Plateau® PTO50 Outdoor Gas Burner

Create a dramatic focal point and enjoy more nights outdoors with the Plateau 50″ Outdoor Burner. Mix & match to create something truly unique – you can combine burners to create 80″ and 100″ fireplaces.

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